Is this a touch that is desirable?

Everything starts with the hands before we learn to speak.
We are touched. We touch.
Unknowingly, semi-consciously, rarely consciously.
We learn the world, ourselves, others, through the sense of touch. Then we just repeat patterns without intention and insight.
Is this a touch that is desirable?
Is this the touch I want to feel?
Is this the touch I want to touch, myself, the Other, the world?

Practicing conscious touch is a neurological exercise that moves us into places of conscious Allowing, Receiving, Serving and Taking.
We do not learn that in school, even the hardest – School of Life, we just keep repeating string of movements, often unconditional.

I invite you to spend time together, where:
– You will “wake up” your hands to a conscious touch
– You will learn the theory of Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin
– You will identify your old patterns – eg. overprotection
– You will allow yourself to practice new patterns where you can genuinely express yourself to others and to the world
– You will learn recognize boundaries and intentions in touch

Be aware! This is true adventure with oxytocin, dopamine and a truly conscious change of neurological pathways!
At the workshop we will touch each other, but within the rules set at the beginning. It will not be a sexual touch!
You decide – it is conscious consent and insight into your needs as well as barriers.

Write if you want to organize this workshop in your city!

I will inform you about the upcoming workshops here.