What to hug?

What is Cuddle Party ™?

This is a cuddly event – an event where adults (18+) explore their own communication skills, learn boundaries but first of all experience touching in a safe, non-sexual way. At meetings around the world in the light and pleasant way, adults discover their needs to touch and learn how to communicate, but also how to say NO.
The side effect of participation is the flood of oxytocin, well-being and excellent humor.

What to hug?

Studies show that consensual touch is essential for good functioning of the blood system, nervous system, emotional health. Touch builds self-esteem, the ability to trust one’s self and the other, and respect for oneself and others, Lets creativity and sense of security. As adults, we are often deprived of conscious and consensual touch and thus deprive ourselves of the benefits of flowing.

We, people, need a touch that is not sexual (although this one is great, but it’s another party).

Cuddle Party ™ is also a workshop where you can learn how to make boundaries, say “yes” or “no” (“do not know” means “no” when it comes to touch), communicate what you want.

The workshop is run by a Certified Facilitator (my certificate is No. 120) by the international organization Atlas Spooned.

More info on the official website http://www.cuddleparty.com/

Contact me if you want to organize a Cuddle Party in your city!

Information about events on Facebook – search: @CuddlePartyPolska