"Change the way you masturbate and change your life."


Masturbate or meditate? You no longer have to choose! Now you can combine sensual mindfulness with pleasure!
The possibility of experiencing pleasure is in each of us. Possibility of strengthening it also. Orgasmic yoga exercises based on the program created by Dr. Joseph Kramer help to confront our beliefs and approaches to pleasure and in particular to the sexual pleasure of your own body.

During the workshop:
– you will better know your own body and your anatomy of arousal
– You will get rid of the “old” patterns of masturbation
– You will learn to strengthen the pleasure that flows within your body
– you will strengthen your orgasmic potential
– You will learn new ways of giving yourself pleasure
– You will disarm limiting beliefs
– You will discover new erogenous zones using simple breathing and movement techniques

(Note that your whole body may be one Great Erogenous Zone)

Who is this workshop for:

I invite biological women and those who identify with this gender. Sexual orientation does not play a role.
For people identifying themselves as men there will be a separate workshop – on each of them we care about intimacy and freedom in expressing ourselves and our sexuality, some feel better when the sexes do not mix – hence the division, nothing against penises !!!

If you are a person who is open to others and new experiences, I warmly invite you, you may find that your solo sex will never be the same again.

Viva Solosexuality!

Remember! Warning!
Nude as such will not be expected (except me perhaps). You set the LIMITS of your experience. At the workshop YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO.

Write if you want to organize this workshop in your city!

About the upcoming workshops I will keep you informed here.