Sexological Bodywork

Sexual work with the body is a way of working not only with sexual difficulties but also for those who want to extend their pleasures from this area of ​​activity, acquire new skills and strengthen their orgasmic potential.

Techniques of sexological work with the body are based on the latest neurological and psychophysical studies, as well as on long-standing methods such as mindfulness, Tao and tantric massage, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, focusing, fascial massage and others.

This method effectively supports the therapy of sexual difficulties.

In women:
Anorgazmia (lack of orgasm)
Dyspareunia (pain at intercourse or after)
Vaginal (vaginal muscle contraction that prevents penetration)
Vaginal vestibular syndrome

In men:
Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation
Disturbed lust

An important aspect of the work is remediation of scar tissue (after surgery, surgery, abnormal posture, etc.) that prevent full sense of pleasure.

Sexual work with the body is also recommended to couples, regardless of sexual orientation, in strengthening relationships, building closeness and intimacy, and teaching new patterns of sexual and sensual functioning.

During the session:
 Possible but not necessary nudity (access to the whole body of the customer)
 possible but not necessarily touched by me (I work in gloves)
 The client / co is responsible for the process clearly communicating his / her boundaries

The first meeting is the nature of a consultation, where the purpose of the work is determined, the process and methods of work to achieve it and usually takes 1h. Later encounters, where touch is applied to body work, lasts 1.5h.