Sexological therapy

“Sex lives in the head” – this notion, not fully true, emphasizes our “addiction” to thinking in a place where thinking does not help, and may harm, namely, in the proverbial bed. Many difficulties in this sphere can be solved through therapy or coaching.

If you own a vagina and:

You have problems with orgasm / you have never had it but it is rare (anorgazmia)
You have pain at penetration (dyspareunia)
Penetration is impossible due to clamping of the vaginal muscles (vaginitis)
You do not feel lust or excitement
You do not feel the pleasure of your body

Maybe you just want to learn how to have more fun and enjoyment in your life in this area of ​​functioning and to identify beliefs separating you from pleasure eg.:

“I do not think I have G point …”
“I never had a vaginal orgasm, what kind of woman am I???!”
“Is that ok, not like BDSM?”
“I’m not screaming during sex like a porno star, what’s wrong with me?”

There is a chance that “it”, the same will not pass. Take care of yourself!

If you have a penis and:

You think you have too early ejaculation and / or “finish” too fast
You feel the fluctuating arousal during the act
You are worried about your overuse of pornography
Sex does not give you the pleasure you think you could have
You would like to be a “better lover” but kamasutra is too sophisticated
Solo-sexuality (masturbation) has become routine

Let’s talk! There is no point in struggling with this alone!

If you are in a relationship (regardless of psychosexual orientation) and:

You have communication difficulties
You do not know how to deal with piling problems
The closeness and intimacy is not what it used to be
You have differences in levels of your sexual needs and desires

A psychotherapeutic couch is for two persons too. Do not wait until it’s too late and there will be nothing to save!

In sex therapy I use methods derived from cognitive-behavioral therapy, D. Schnarch’s system therapy, J.LoPiccolo and C.Pridal’s integrated therapy, projection methods and sex work techniques with the body.